The Lifetime Battle of Betsy DeVos

In a reality where education is not available for everyone, and can hardly be found in a quality state by those who cannot afford it, we need people who can stand up and raise awareness. This is a problem that is affecting the entire U.S., and, if Americans want their country to remain as one of the biggest and most important countries in the world, education must be treated as a priority.


Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education, is a woman that has been fighting this war for more than two decades. She has made her lifetime goal the fight for an educational system that is available for everyone.


Although education is a basic right of every child in America, it is true, and poor parents know it, that quality education usually comes from private schools. This reality raises the bar of the problematic state between poor and rich, and many students who do not have access to the best teachers and educational books available end up falling behind.


Betsy DeVos has already donated money, anxiety and time for this cause, but she believes, more than ever in 2017, that the educational system is taking a change for the best.


Many states in the U.S. have begun investing in the public education and hearing the voice of those who stand up for the “educational-choice,” the movement that wants to make the school system available for everyone, with less clear disparity.


Betsy, who has been in the frontier of movement for dozens of years, is married to Richard “Dick” DeVos, a childhood friend who also took the educational movement as part of his lifetime goal as well.


Both of them studied in a charter school, where they would see the reality of other children who were studying in the same classes as they were. However, neither Betsy or Dick DeVos deny that they were born in blessed families, but their classmates, most of them were not. They could see the struggles of their parents. Most of them could not afford decent clothing or three meals a day, but they were giving their best to maintain their children in a quality school.


This reality, where poor people end up giving up basic necessities because they want their kids to follow the best educational path as they can possibly afford, was the driving force to change the perspective of both Betsy DeVos and her husband on how the school system should be handled.


With billions in assets and investments, now Betsy and Dick DeVos are one of the most charitable couples in the U.S., and the driving force behind the educational movement that aims to make the school system truly available for all monetary and social conditions.


Both have never been as optimistic as they are today.


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U.S. Money Reserve Donates Funds to Hurricane Survivors

U.S. Money Reserve has become one of the largest and most relied upon suppliers of platinum, gold and many other valuable minerals. The company aims at merging all the necessary requirements needed for any business to prosper. This way, the company has managed to uphold customer service delivery coupled with quality production of coins used in the United States of America.


Most importantly, the company has the needs of their clients at heart and the employees have always worked together to ensure that their clients get to choose the best of the valuable metals that they trade in. By offering the best products, the company has managed to achieve a wider market for these products. US Money Reserve got established in a city called Austin which is located in Texas. The company thus worked tooth and nail to ensure that they increase their branches and hence the foundation of offices in Lumberton and few others in Beaumont.


The company appreciates partnerships and it has merged with Austin Disaster Relief Network. This company is exclusively charitable and aims at rescuing victims who suffer the raging waters caused by the Hurricane Harvey. The two companies have so far assisted these survivors with generous donations both in cash and in kind. Among other things are the provision of new houses and even moral and emotional support. U.S. Money Reserve has used this great opportunity to connect with the needy and even learn more about the problems that befall the members of the society.


In addition, U.S. Money Reserve is also working on a plan whereby they want to focus on putting up enough funds to constantly help these survivors in case any emergencies arise. As for now, the company is working hand in hand with Austin Disaster Relief Network so that these people don’t get to suffer more than they already have. Donations have been made to the Austin Disaster Relief Network so they can get the chance to operate effectively without any financial constraints. Learn more:


Basically, the company is chiefly involved in this project because most of the victims are their clients and some are employees. All the same, this has been a great opportunity for the company to get involved in philanthropy as a way of giving back to the community. The hurricane destroyed many homes and left millions of people homeless and stranded.


US Money Reserve felt the need to raise an eyebrow because it is in Texas has presented them with a reliable market for their products and it was their turn to do something for them.


Jason Hope Sees Future for Internet of Things

For the past decade, one of the biggest changes in the world has been the amount of people that now rely on smart products to get through their daily lives. While the amount of people that use smartphones and other devices with a higher level of technology than previously imagined, many experts believe that this is only going to continue to develop in the future as more and more products gain some form of internet connectivity. In fact there are a lot of people that believe that the majority of our typical consumer products will have the ability to connect to the internet in the future. This could then allow all devices to share data and interact with each other to help make the world more efficient. This belief is generally referred to as the Internet of Things.

One entrepreneur and investor that has continued to believe that the internet of things is going to have a major impact on our lives is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and very successful investor that has placed private equity and venture capital into a number of different companies that are in a variety of different stages in the development of smart technology. Jason Hope has also pointed out that he believes that those that are looking to invest capital should also consider investing in this segment of the economy as if it is poised for future growth, and learn more about Jason Hope.

While Jason Hope and other investors believe that there are many different ways that the Internet of things could improve our lives and the two significant investment returns, others believe that there are also many productive ways that they could help to improve society, and

One very common prediction for those that follow the Internet of Things movement is that it could help to make it easier for first responders to reach there destination. Today, one of the biggest challenges that first responders have in major cities is fighting through traffic to get to their destination. In the near future, all signals in a city will be able to be linked together to allow a fire truck or other emergency vehicle to better move through a big city. This could have a direct impact and help to improve and save lives, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

This same technology could have an amazing impact on traffic within a city. Through the use of smart traffic signals, a city could easily change their traffic light sequencing to allow for the changes in traffic patterns.

A look at Aloha construction operations.

Aloha construction was established as a family-owned company that would, later on, expand its operations to become an industry leader that it is today.It has the mandate and serves the people of Wisconsin and Illinois. The current CEO David Farbaky has over the years proved to be a very capable leader who has steered the organization into what it is today and at only forty-six years it is only a matter of time before it is bigger and better, and more information click here.

Aloha construction has been able to specialize in various areas ensuring that it delivers to its clients in a timely manner at all times. The team of specialist at Aloha construction are highly trained and are supervised by supervisors and inspectors who are generally more experienced and highly trained. Aloha construction has built its reputation on the need to have very good working relationships with its clients, suppliers, and subcontractors.This is what gives them an edge as a good relationship with the various suppliers ensures that they are always able to get their clients the very best deals when they need certain materials supplied.

They are specialist in various areas that include


The installation or repair of a house siding can be one of the most extensive parts of the construction process.This is because the sidings of any house offer a lot of value to the overall house including protection from weather elements which could be a major contributor to the heating bill occasioned in the house as well as the aesthetic value of the home, and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.



This is another part of the house that is very extensive, the roof of any house gives it character.It is usually more than what can just be seen.A strong and durable roof serves a very big role especially in an area of strong winds which always carry the risk of carrying away poorly done roofs.Aloha construction is always at hand to advice its clients on hats best but at the same time work on their needs and preferences to produce a masterpiece, and follow their Twitter.



This is a very important part of rainwater drainage it ensures that the house, as well as its surroundings, are not adversely affected by rain waters as they come from the roofs and can be managed properly at all times, and

Paul Mampilly: Investors Should Focus Their Eyes on the Stocks from Latest Technologies and Trends Companies

In the recent past, the number of Americans investing in stocks has been increasing gradually. Statistics show that most people still prefer to keep their money in savings accounts. The reason for shying away from stocks could be the risks associated with them or the lack of knowledge on where to invest. Paul Mampilly, an investments expert recently gave his predictions on the industries he feels will be profitable shortly.


Electric Vehicles

According to Paul Mampilly, companies in technology and current trends are set to record high figures in revenues. Most people prefer to spend their money in buying devices with the latest technology as well as trendy items. Electric vehicles are the next big thing to hit the market and will surely attract the modern driver for its appealing features and low maintenance costs. Electric companies will reap big from sales which will flow to the people owning shares in those firms.


Precision Medicine

Technology is revolutionizing medicine regarding diagnosis and treatments of diseases. Precision medicine is a trend in the field that is using technology to perform genetic testing. The process enables the doctors to identify and understand the patients DNA codes which are then matched to genetic information in medical databases. The physicians can then give accurate diagnosis and treatment based on the DNA. More patients are likely to prefer the procedure to the benefit of the companies that will focus in that area. Investors who will buy stocks in those companies will also earn a lot of money and learn more about Paul.


Expertise Advice

Paul Mampilly has proved track record of success in investments for many years which cements his expertise and knowledge. His remarkable performance includes growing a 50 million dollars investment to 88 million dollars in the middle of a financial crisis. The event led him to win a competition by Templeton Foundation. His understanding of the stocks market led him to set up an investment journal, Profits Unlimited that he uses to advise on the best stocks to purchase. Of the thirteen stocks in his portfolio, eleven have recorded from 18% to 38% profits. People who heed his advice have been quoted praising his expertise that has earned them a lot.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly experience in the financial industry goes back almost three decades. He has worked for companies such as Chatham Street Management, Kinetics Asset Management, Deutsche Bank and

His other ventures include Capuchin Consulting, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum. He also contributes for Winning Investor Daily.

The Grand Whitney Wolfe’s Wedding of Bumble Dating App

It is almost obvious that every young girl’s dream is to finally get married off to their prince charming in a wedding that will leave tongue wangling for long. Other than that there are particulars, they desire covered either because of keeping memories or hold some significance to them. This case is no exemption to Whitney Wolfe, a young, beautiful and industrious lady and the founder of Bumble dating app.

Whitney Wolfe always had the idea of an Italian themed wedding. First forward, in 2013 when Wolfe was on Christmas vacation in Aspen he met Michel Herd, her later to be husband unlike what was ordinarily expected to meet her man on dating app at least. The two began to communicate via Skype and two years down the line Michael proposed to Wolfe in Texas after a horse riding on a ranch there.

Wedding preparations did not kick-start immediately until they visited the Positano and loved the scenery. She then developed a good network of service providers who did her service on her big day. Cynthia Cook Brides would do the catering, Sugokuii Events would do all the planning and décor, Oscar de la Renta, a renowned designer would sew an epic white wedding gown with a long trail and do the accessories.

One the big day, Whitney Wolfe woke prepared and excited to finally walk down the aisle and tie the knot with Michael Herd. Dances would characterize the festivities, partying and indigenous food of the Italian origin. The setup was one worth reckoning, eye-catching, prime time décor blending in well with the Positano’s landscape and nature. However, a heavy downpour in the morning halted the ceremony briefly. Nonetheless, this is interpreted as cleansing, purity; a new beginning while a wet knot is hard to untie hence the marriage is unending commitment.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an International Studies graduate from Southern Methodist University, her alma mater. She worked with Cardift by the Hatch Labs and later co-founded a dating app. It is after this that she saw the market inefficiency and marginalization of the feminine gender.

She is the Founder of Bumble dating app motivated by the desire women being dubbed less virtuous for initiating a relationship. Women in this dating app make the first approach without being negatively named. Bumble app has recently launched a BumbleBIZZ for connecting business partners and the BumbleBFF for friendship. Whitney Wolfe was named in 2017 as the 30 under 30 and also featured in the Business Insider and Elle.

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Omar Yunes, a Serial Entrepreneur

Some people are born entrepreneurs, while others are nurtured to become entrepreneurs. Omar Yunes belongs to the caliber of those born entrepreneurs. He began as a young adult indulging in entrepreneurial and startup ventures at only twenty-one years of age. At the time he runs a food joint but has since then grown to become a food chain, and therefore this qualifies him to be in franchisee business. He is popularly known for his affiliation with Sushi Itto, a Japanese Food Chain.

Apparently, he claims a stake at the Sushi Itto, about 10% of its total valuation in equities and assets. He manages and controls the 13 franchised chain stores of Sushi Itto which collectively has 400 people in the labor force. Omar Yunes has a standing legacy at Sushi Itto for developing good franchise – franchisee relationship, knowledge of business, implementation of control boards and remodeled business structures. In reversion, Sushi Itto has operated profitably, increased profitability and gain global recognition and read full article.

The Best Franchisee of the World awards, an annual event converges together to personality in franchisee business. The 2015 edition was highly contested competition with over 34 representatives from Europe, America and beyond. This for aggressive scrutiny of each input and revolutionary measure they have put to make the chain store they operate from being run efficiently and effectively. Omar Yunes was taken home the Best Franchisee of the World Award with honor and recognition and what Omar Yunes knows.

This was not just his glory but also that of Sushi Itto, a company he has both worked with and for. Benjamin Cancelmo who is the Sushi Itto’s Chief Executive Officer linked the victory to excellent customer service, quality products, and hospitality. Omar Yunes also acknowledged the joint efforts with both line manager and all staff and workers and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.


About Omar Yunes

He is an entrepreneur and a franchisee business expert. Omar Yunes has a proven track record of performance and has made Sushi Itto a coveted brand. He has invented creative business models and even leads to expansion of Sushi Itto to open stores in Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City. Mr. Yunes is the Best Franchisee of the World winner in 2015 for presenting, The Professionalization of the Role of the Franchise and other control models and

Securus Technologies Journey Towards Improving Prisoners Welfare

Securus Technologies happens to be a great company that is managed by a great CEO and a scholar by name Rick Smith. The organization has been on the forefront assisting towards the protection of the society against crime. The company is a specialist in both the criminal and civil justice technology. They work day and night towards the enhancement of these solutions. They all focus on solving and preventing crime. The company offers long-term solutions for solving these problems and has also played significant roles in introducing cells to the inmates. They have been able to help over 1,000,000 inmates access a better life in the North American countries.


Securus Technologies has worked for the betterment of prisoners lives. It is a company that has the interested of inmates and the public at hearts. Their leaders work day and night thinking and deliberating on the way forward. Some of them have been hired from other companies that work towards the improvement of people’s lives. They are usually very innovative when it comes to design patents, cell phones, and even other tech related things.


Securus Technologies CEO has not been left behind towards betterment of lives. They have a CEO who is very experienced. He had worked with similar telecommunication companies before. Rick Smith has been the CEO of the company since the year 2008 and has also served in various positions of different countries. Before joining the group, he has also held several positions with multiple companies across the globe. He has worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. He worked as the CFO in the year 1998 until March 2000. He later was promoted to the rank of a chief operating officer until he was promoted to the position of a chief executive officer. Before joining the same company, he worked as a vice president of Frontier Corp for 20 years. At the company, he garnered a lot of experience and had an impact will live to be remembered. His achievements have made the company stand to date, and they always admire the time he spent at the company.


Business Guru Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is a very big name in the cryptocurrency world. He has a record of mass achievements and has made great strides when it comes to educating the world on the cryptocurrencies issues. Daniel Mark Harrison is a famous author, an entrepreneur, business guru and also a great and a renowned blockchain guru who for the past many years have heard a significant influence in the sectors. People have described him as a great person who is worth mentoring other generations and has been on the frontline advocating for better governance.

Daniel Mark happens to be a great scholar who has been respected by so many across the whole globe. He studied Theology and BA from the University of Oxford between years 1998-1999. He also pursued a masters degree in business administration from Norwegian Business School between years 2005 and 2006. He later moved further to the New York University to pursue a Masters in Journalism and specialized in business. He applied his skills to form a high foundation in his entire business life, and his life has never been the same again. He is purely a respected guru who for many years have started businesses that have succeeded very well. Daniel Mark is the current chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. It is also known as DMH&CO, and they have been in operation since 2015 October. He is the full owner and the manager of the company, but the aim to focus on expanding his family’s assets and those he owns. He is believed to be very hard working and works every minute towards ensuring that he achieves his daily target. The offices of the family business are in Hongkong, Bangkok and also Singapore. The company happens to be a very famous global investment company and has been able to accumulate a lot of profits over the past few years they have been in operation.

Daniel Mark Harrison is also the managing partner of Monkey Capital, a firm that funds Blockchain Ltd. He has been the manager for the month of March 2016 which is known as a decentralized digital currencies or instead assets. It is also t the blockchain investment bank that has so far grown tremendously in the past few years and its potential is still high.

Louis Chenevert’s Remarkable Business Achievements

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian entrepreneur with numerous professional achievement titles that are rare to find. He worked for 14 years in St Therese production general manager at general motors and further proceeded to United Technologies Corporation. He holds a bachelor degree in production management from Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commercials.

At United Technologies Corporation, Chenevert worked for the Pratt and Whitney Canada in his early employment days where after six years of working he got a promotion of being the president of this division in 1999. He worked under this title for seven years and later expanded to be the Chief Executive Officer and President of United Technologies Corporation. During this time he has managed to achieve $100 billion success one year which is uncommon to other corporations. He managed to acquire Goodrich at a deal of $18.4 billion.

Under his leadership, the company has significantly improved which is an attribution to his experience and knowledge in investing. With the robust program of employee scholar program, over 40,000 United Technologies Corporations employees have been able to advance their education since 1996. The education program has been an enormous success for the company and the interests of the workers.

Louis Chenevert has the admirable trait of forward- thinking by choosing high potential projects and pushing workers to make it a success through inspiration. Further, he used technology innovations to ensure the mission and vision of the firm are achieved. It is under his leadership that Pratt &Whitney division was able to secure the single supply F-35 engine for the US government. The company has also been able to create the most advanced jet engines in the world.

These achievements have been a great success to the company amidst the tough economic times and other industrial giant enterprises. His time at United Technologies Corporation was a set up of a strong foundation for the company to take over the market in the aggressive business environment.

After resigning from United Technologies Corporations, he joined the Goldman Sachs Company as a consultant. The company hired him with the belief that he will bring in his immense knowledge and distinctive experience to develop investing efforts.