Sahm Adrangi the Charismatic Investor Behind Kerrisdale Capital Management

Financial investment is one of the most fulfilling careers of our time. Inasmuch as this is true, only a few individuals have been able to make a name and a living out of this industry with the vast majority of investors struggling to ache a living for themselves. One person who has been quite profitable throughout his financial years is the retired hedge fund manager Sahm Adrangi.

Mr. Adrangi is well known and does not need much introduction in this industry. The charismatic investor is a graduate of Economics from Yale University. Currently he is the lead financial investment officer in Kerrisdale Capital Management a boutique financial management firm he founded in 2009 after retiring from Wall Street. With barely one million dollars Mr. Sahm Adrangi has been able to grow his business to over 150 million dollars as of July 2017. This is proof enough that Adrangi is competent and able to grow any investment amount regardless of its size, and

In just a span of around 12 years, Mr. Sahm Adrangi has been able to achieve quite a lot for the company. To some people this may look like a tall order however to Mr. Sahm its not. So what has kept this investor profitable this long? Simple, researching and publishing short stocks for the company and majoring heavily in alternative investments. Through, Kerrisdale Capital Management Mr. Sahm Adrangi has been able to help investors make informed decision by giving them the exact picture of the market through his researches.

Sahm Adrangi gained fast popularity in the market when he first exposed the fraudulent Chinese companies that operated in the economy. He went ahead to establish for himself a name and reputation when he helped manage and grow investment opportunities both for individuals and organization through Wall Street.

Aside from investment, Sahm Adrangi is involved is an educator and policy making. He has offered a number of keynote speeches and also published articles that have helped investors to make informed financial decisions. When it comes to policy formation he has worked with a number of institutions Kerrisdale Capital Management include to formulate and institute a number of financial policies, and resume him.