The Lifetime Battle of Betsy DeVos

In a reality where education is not available for everyone, and can hardly be found in a quality state by those who cannot afford it, we need people who can stand up and raise awareness. This is a problem that is affecting the entire U.S., and, if Americans want their country to remain as one of the biggest and most important countries in the world, education must be treated as a priority.


Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education, is a woman that has been fighting this war for more than two decades. She has made her lifetime goal the fight for an educational system that is available for everyone.


Although education is a basic right of every child in America, it is true, and poor parents know it, that quality education usually comes from private schools. This reality raises the bar of the problematic state between poor and rich, and many students who do not have access to the best teachers and educational books available end up falling behind.


Betsy DeVos has already donated money, anxiety and time for this cause, but she believes, more than ever in 2017, that the educational system is taking a change for the best.


Many states in the U.S. have begun investing in the public education and hearing the voice of those who stand up for the “educational-choice,” the movement that wants to make the school system available for everyone, with less clear disparity.


Betsy, who has been in the frontier of movement for dozens of years, is married to Richard “Dick” DeVos, a childhood friend who also took the educational movement as part of his lifetime goal as well.


Both of them studied in a charter school, where they would see the reality of other children who were studying in the same classes as they were. However, neither Betsy or Dick DeVos deny that they were born in blessed families, but their classmates, most of them were not. They could see the struggles of their parents. Most of them could not afford decent clothing or three meals a day, but they were giving their best to maintain their children in a quality school.


This reality, where poor people end up giving up basic necessities because they want their kids to follow the best educational path as they can possibly afford, was the driving force to change the perspective of both Betsy DeVos and her husband on how the school system should be handled.


With billions in assets and investments, now Betsy and Dick DeVos are one of the most charitable couples in the U.S., and the driving force behind the educational movement that aims to make the school system truly available for all monetary and social conditions.


Both have never been as optimistic as they are today.


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