Paul Mampilly: Investors Should Focus Their Eyes on the Stocks from Latest Technologies and Trends Companies

In the recent past, the number of Americans investing in stocks has been increasing gradually. Statistics show that most people still prefer to keep their money in savings accounts. The reason for shying away from stocks could be the risks associated with them or the lack of knowledge on where to invest. Paul Mampilly, an investments expert recently gave his predictions on the industries he feels will be profitable shortly.


Electric Vehicles

According to Paul Mampilly, companies in technology and current trends are set to record high figures in revenues. Most people prefer to spend their money in buying devices with the latest technology as well as trendy items. Electric vehicles are the next big thing to hit the market and will surely attract the modern driver for its appealing features and low maintenance costs. Electric companies will reap big from sales which will flow to the people owning shares in those firms.


Precision Medicine

Technology is revolutionizing medicine regarding diagnosis and treatments of diseases. Precision medicine is a trend in the field that is using technology to perform genetic testing. The process enables the doctors to identify and understand the patients DNA codes which are then matched to genetic information in medical databases. The physicians can then give accurate diagnosis and treatment based on the DNA. More patients are likely to prefer the procedure to the benefit of the companies that will focus in that area. Investors who will buy stocks in those companies will also earn a lot of money and learn more about Paul.


Expertise Advice

Paul Mampilly has proved track record of success in investments for many years which cements his expertise and knowledge. His remarkable performance includes growing a 50 million dollars investment to 88 million dollars in the middle of a financial crisis. The event led him to win a competition by Templeton Foundation. His understanding of the stocks market led him to set up an investment journal, Profits Unlimited that he uses to advise on the best stocks to purchase. Of the thirteen stocks in his portfolio, eleven have recorded from 18% to 38% profits. People who heed his advice have been quoted praising his expertise that has earned them a lot.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly experience in the financial industry goes back almost three decades. He has worked for companies such as Chatham Street Management, Kinetics Asset Management, Deutsche Bank and

His other ventures include Capuchin Consulting, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum. He also contributes for Winning Investor Daily.