Securus Technologies Journey Towards Improving Prisoners Welfare

Securus Technologies happens to be a great company that is managed by a great CEO and a scholar by name Rick Smith. The organization has been on the forefront assisting towards the protection of the society against crime. The company is a specialist in both the criminal and civil justice technology. They work day and night towards the enhancement of these solutions. They all focus on solving and preventing crime. The company offers long-term solutions for solving these problems and has also played significant roles in introducing cells to the inmates. They have been able to help over 1,000,000 inmates access a better life in the North American countries.


Securus Technologies has worked for the betterment of prisoners lives. It is a company that has the interested of inmates and the public at hearts. Their leaders work day and night thinking and deliberating on the way forward. Some of them have been hired from other companies that work towards the improvement of people’s lives. They are usually very innovative when it comes to design patents, cell phones, and even other tech related things.


Securus Technologies CEO has not been left behind towards betterment of lives. They have a CEO who is very experienced. He had worked with similar telecommunication companies before. Rick Smith has been the CEO of the company since the year 2008 and has also served in various positions of different countries. Before joining the group, he has also held several positions with multiple companies across the globe. He has worked at Eschelon Telecom Inc. He worked as the CFO in the year 1998 until March 2000. He later was promoted to the rank of a chief operating officer until he was promoted to the position of a chief executive officer. Before joining the same company, he worked as a vice president of Frontier Corp for 20 years. At the company, he garnered a lot of experience and had an impact will live to be remembered. His achievements have made the company stand to date, and they always admire the time he spent at the company.