JMH Development – Creating Relationships through Its Projects

Jason Halpern is a passionate real estate developer. He is the Managing Partner of JMH Development. The Halpern family has a proven record that goes back over 50 years. Jason used his experience to take over the family business JMH Development. Jason Halpern has led in the execution of significant projects including a couple of historical buildings. Jason focuses his passion towards constructing buildings in historic areas. Jason builds relationships in the areas that he works. He and his company place their principal on respect for the communities they work in.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason has a philanthropic spirit, this is evident by his giving back to the community in form of time and charity. He has invested a huge deal in the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center which is based at the Westchester Medical Center. This Centre focuses on victims with burns, internal injuries that are life threatening, care of pregnant women, neuro and orthopedic surgery among others. He conducts his charity events through the JMH Development. The company has partnered with a water non-profit charity organization to provide funding for provision of clean water in Nepal and Ethiopia.

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

In 2010, Jason Halpern took over JMH Development. The Company has and is going big on real estate for both commercial and rental space. Some of their investments include:

  • 340 apartments they are building in 184 Kent.


  • 500 million dollar investment in different projects in New York City.
  • Cobble Hill project, the construction of the Townhouses.
  • Greater Brooklyn area construction of the Townhouses that are luxurious.
  • Aloft South Beach development in Miami. This was the development of an eight story tower by reusing historic Motel Ankara.
Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

JMH Development through Jason Halpern is committed to constructing buildings using innovative styles. This type of approach is what makes them unique in their implementation and leaves something to be desired in the market. They have developed some state of the art buildings in other areas like Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Miami Beach area. The JMH team are experts in all stages of their execution, from developing strategies, designing, to construction and marketing. They have a vast knowledge of the markets they serve and deliver high-quality services.