The Top EOS Lip Balm Flavors to Try this Summer

EOS Lip Balms are one of the best lip products, and for good reason. Not just for looking great, they are also made of great things. They are 100% natural, filled with wonderful ingredients like coconut, jojoba, and peppermint oils. They keep out glutens, parabens, petroleum, and phthalates; your lips can be gorgeous with 95% organic ingredients. The packaging is also super cute, always a nice bonus when it comes to makeup. Check to read more.


Strawberry Sorbet

What could be more perfect for summer than this delicious dessert for your lips? Keep your beautiful smile happy and healthy with this yummy smelling strawberry balm.


Lemon Drop SPF 15

Heading out to the beach this summer? In addition to protecting your body with sunscreen, do no forget to protect your lips! Just throw Lemon Drop SPF 15 in your bag and be good to go to the beach or anywhere the sun shines. With SPF 15 and a delightful citrus scent, your pout will be set for the summer.


Vanilla Bean

Not into fruit flavors? Nothing beats the classic vanilla bean balm. Perfect to keep your lips moisturized without those distracting scents. See more products here on


The best part? These are just three of the fantastic flavors available from EOS. Go on and discover your favorite! Watch this,