Lifeline screening Offers Crucial Health Care Tips for Men

Life Line Screening has released a set of tips that can help men boost their health. In a recent article published in popular men’s website, Life Line Screening highlighted 11 health tips for men. Men who observe these tips lower their risks of suffering from various health conditions. One of the tips that were emphasized in the article was staying clear of chronic stress. It is believed that high levels of stress increase the amount of cortisol in the blood and this weakens the immune system. Men who want to have super health are also supposed to enhance their cardiovascular health through training sessions.

To enhance their health, men should also regulate their blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Another important tip mentioned in the article is monitoring the thyroid function. The levels of thyroxine in the blood influence metabolism and should thus be kept at an optimum. According to the article, getting adequate sleep also greatly enhances health.

Adequate sleep provides organs with ample time to rejuvenate and rest. Monitoring and optimizing the level of vitamin D in the body can also be a life saver for men. Vitamin D is believed to boost the immune system by facilitating antibody production. Monitoring and modulating testosterone levels also enhance health in men. High levels of testosterone are linked to good mood and high energy.

Monitoring the condition of the prostate gland is also emphasized in the article. The prostate gland is responsible for regulation of sexual function in men. Men are also encouraged to check and regulate their blood cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels are linked to numerous disorders, including diabetes. On the same note, men should monitor symptoms of diabetes. This disease has become a leading killer in the world. Finally, men are encouraged to mention all symptoms during appointments with their physicians and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening

Life Line screening is a private wellness and disease prevention firm. It was founded in the year 1993 in Florida, but it is currently headquartered in Texas. The company strives to offer quality screening services to enable people to identify hidden health problems that impact their lives. Life Line Screening has clinics and centers scattered across the Midwest. It boasts of being a leading provider of preventive health screenings to the American people.

Since its inception in 1993, Life Line Screening has screened more than 8 million people. Its screening services cut across a wide range of areas. They use advanced technology, such as ultra sound, to ensure they offer the best screening possible. The screening is done by qualified physicians certified by the board. All their laboratories are also CLIA certified for safety and quality assurance and more information click here.

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The Salad Chain Company, Sweetgreen

Most legacy restaurant firms would like to start from scratch like Sweetgreen. The salad chain company comprise of renowned investors like Daniel Boulud, Steve Case, and Danny Meyer. The firm has penetrated to the market in the current food industry-healthy, organic, local as well as fresh foodstuffs. The recipe is a treasure to diners who keep lines long at the 40 different locations of Sweetgreen.


The co-Chief Executive Officer known as Nathaniel Ru noted that the company was creating a brand of food that stood for something. Besides, they targeted to feed more people with better food.


Traditional chains learned more than food from the CO-CEOs of the firm. For instance, Georgetown University classmates were the tech pioneers as well as 30% of transactions in Sweetgreen made through its mobile app and website. As a matter of fact, Nathaniel Ru says that technology has been part and parcel of their DNA.


The co-CEOs are rethinking their management strategies so as to stay close to customers while providing state of the art of services. For example, Sweetgreen was able to shut down almost entirely the central office five times in a year to enable everyone to work in its restaurants. The firm that later opened offices in Los Angeles functions without a corporate headquarters as the co-CEOs try to develop the company nationally.


Nathaniel Ru together with fellow co-CEOs Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman met at the Georgetown University, where they attended and acquired entrepreneurship skills together. Besides, the trio has parents who began their businesses as well as being the first-generation immigrants. Learn more:


After their graduation from college, they opened their first restaurant in August 2007 after they felt that Georgetown area lacked healthy eating options. In 2014, the trio told Fortune that they believed they would survive in their business when they made it through their initial break at winter.


Nathaniel Ru believes that success comes through reading many different books than one can think to have time. Also, he looks up to Kevin Plank for what he has done with Under Armour, the firm that stands for a bigger thing than itself.


Throughout its existence, Sweetgreen has grown to be a “thought leader” in the food industry by supplying chain and transparency efforts. It operates under a seasonal menu that rotates five times in a single year. Learn more:


Additionally, the produce of 300 different farms can is in its stores. The farmers that Sweetgreen partners with, use organic and conventional techniques. Click here:


Jason Hope Believes The Internet of Things will Change the World for the Better

Writer, tech trends commentator and futurist, Jason Hope, is known for being the proponent of The Internet of Things. The idea that, in the near future, devices that may not naturally be connected together at the moment will soon be inter-connected.

By this, Jason Hope means things like computers and kitchen appliances, security systems and cars will all be connected on the same network.

This will allow the average home occupant to be able to turn on their ovens, check their security systems and even be able to start their cars from the kitchen on a cold snowy morning.

Due to this Internet of Things, Hope believes, companies will change how they do business, and people will change how they adapt to the world and Jason on Facebook.

In his comments about this trend and what he predicts as its future, Jason Hope has pointed to the way this inter-connection of things is already helping public transportation on days when the weather is bad and buses or trains need to be diverted to a different route.

It is also helping improve public transportation which means in the future, Hope suggests, more people will use public services, thus cutting the number of cars on the road. As a result, The Internet of Things will also help decrease pollution and learn more about Jason.

Of course, along with his obsession with The Internet of Things, Jason Hope is also pushing the idea that businesses need to jump on the band wagon sooner rather than later.

That is because he believes this type of smart technology will improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world and so, the faster we get there, the better for all concerned and Jason’s Website.

This improvement will not just occur in cities either, as rural areas will also benefit from things like more accurate emergency responses due to GPS tracking.

Jason Hope became interested in smart technology like this after graduating with a finance degree from Arizona State, and then a Master’s degree a couple of years later from the Carey School of Business there and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Wanting to get into business for himself, soon afterwards he founded Jawa, a text messaging company that set him firmly on the path of being a ‘futurist’– someone who uses the current trends to try to predict how those trends will change and, thus, also affect the future.

Nowadays, he is using what he learned from running his own company, as well as what he sees by watching the tech world closely, to predict where we will be in the next 10 years, 20 years or longer and more information click here.

The Top EOS Lip Balm Flavors to Try this Summer

EOS Lip Balms are one of the best lip products, and for good reason. Not just for looking great, they are also made of great things. They are 100% natural, filled with wonderful ingredients like coconut, jojoba, and peppermint oils. They keep out glutens, parabens, petroleum, and phthalates; your lips can be gorgeous with 95% organic ingredients. The packaging is also super cute, always a nice bonus when it comes to makeup. Check to read more.


Strawberry Sorbet

What could be more perfect for summer than this delicious dessert for your lips? Keep your beautiful smile happy and healthy with this yummy smelling strawberry balm.


Lemon Drop SPF 15

Heading out to the beach this summer? In addition to protecting your body with sunscreen, do no forget to protect your lips! Just throw Lemon Drop SPF 15 in your bag and be good to go to the beach or anywhere the sun shines. With SPF 15 and a delightful citrus scent, your pout will be set for the summer.


Vanilla Bean

Not into fruit flavors? Nothing beats the classic vanilla bean balm. Perfect to keep your lips moisturized without those distracting scents. See more products here on


The best part? These are just three of the fantastic flavors available from EOS. Go on and discover your favorite! Watch this,