Nathaniel Ru introduces Healthy Meals through Sweetgreen

For most business professionals, entrepreneurship is a challenge that poses a lot of questions especially when it comes to the right docket to put resources in. Most startups succumb to the pressure that market fluctuations present in different seasons. Amidst entrepreneurial and investment challenges, Nathaniel Ru has proven that it is possible to have multiple successful businesses under one umbrella. His current success story lies in the Sweetgreen restaurant, a business he established with two business partners. The high-end chain of salad restaurants has progressively garnered popularity thanks to the input of renowned investors like Danny Meyer, Daniel Boulud and Steve Case. This food chain is the popular stop over fast food parlor that offers healthy as well as fresh and organic meals. The recipe of the restaurants features diners with healthy menus across 40 branches in different geographical locations.




In a statement to discuss the objectives of the restaurant, Nathaniel Ru highlighted that the trio is focused on creating a brand that represents health by providing better and unmatched food. Nathaniel Ru is the chief executive officer of the brand, and he is committed to implementing the preparation of healthy menus in the chain of restaurants. Other conventional restaurants can borrow a lot from this chain of restaurants as the management has always provided guides on the preparation of healthy foods through mobile applications. Ru explained that the company embraces technology and that it was easy to educate the society through the application. The trio graduated from Georgetown University, and since their graduation, they have made a positive societal impact through their business. Learn more:




In addition to their current food parlor, Nathaniel explained that they are planning to develop new management strategies. These policies are geared towards retaining clients. The company operates without a head office as the trio believes that the firm will quickly expand to different localities through proper service delivery. In regards to that issue, Nathaniel Ru stated that the trio does not believe in a big corporate headquarter.


Nathaniel Ru


Three years ago, three students graduated from Georgetown University and established what a beautiful, healthy success story is now. One of the three students is Nathaniel Ru, who took the position of chief executive officer. Nathaniel Ru is a young entrepreneur who controls the Sweetgreen restaurant chain of business. He is focused on developing brilliant entrepreneurial ideas focused on the growth of Sweetgreen. The company has vastly expanded to different geographical locations thanks to his input. The chain of restaurants operates on wind energy, and the management utilizes local ingredients in food preparation. Learn more: