Bumble Bringing People Together

Whitney Wolfe is known for being the woman behind apps like Tinder and Bumble. As the owner of Bumble and its overall design, she is known for crafting one of the most well respected dating apps in this generation. Today, they are going to make it even more relatable and give it more substance with the help of a brand new physical space in New Work giving women and men the place to meet up and just soak each other’s presence in the world of Bumble.

It is very swanky and provides a comfortable atmosphere that anybody on any kind of date will find being in this place to be swanky enough. Whitney Wolfe loves the idea of this place because then they have talks and special speaking engagements take place to educate women on dating, women empowerment, and other important topics for online dating.

Whitney Wolfe also was tired of alienating all the people who don’t want to use Bumble because it is meant for dating. This is why they are including a Bumble BFF into their lineup. This part of the app let’s you swipe left and right on people you could potentially be best friends with. If you are looking for a fast and quick way to expand your social circle without jumping back in at high school or college, this is the way to do it. You create a profile and you read the profiles of others. Every person has interesting hobbies or things that they do, and you can weed them out by swiping left and right.

Bumble is very good to use because it can do a whole lot more than you think. It is bringing people together and throughout friendships in ways that you’ve never seen before.

Whitney Wolfe only intended for Bumble to be the app for dating, but with recent events showcasing that there are so many people who don’t use it because it is all about dating, she wanted to expand what the app can do. It’s about bringing people together, whether that means for a date or for a quick drink outside.

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