Great Tasting EOS Lip Balms

Dry and cracked lips are never a great thing to have, but when the summer rolls around it’s especially rough dealing with lips that are less than gorgeous! The solution? A great lip balm that rolls on fast and easy and one that soothes the lips and keeps them feeling and looking great. Can such a lip balm exist? The answer is yes, as EOS “Evolution of Smooth” lip balm goes on smooth and it tastes great too, read more.


Natural as Can Be

Yes, EOS Lip Balm Soothes and Moisturizes the lips beautifully, and those who use it can rest easy, knowing that this handy little balm is all natural, too. It’s USDA certified organic, and it’s made up of wonderful ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E (which is packed with antioxidants). This product is also paraben-free, which is another plus.

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Lip Balm That Tastes Fresh

On top of all the soothing properties in this wonderful lip balm, EOS also comes in a variety of natural and delicious flavors. Honeysuckle Honeydew has the bright and tasty flavor of a honeydew melon, and it comes in a perfect shade of honeydew green. For those who love the sprightly taste of mint, EOS also has balm in a Sweet Mint flavor, all packaged in a light mint green sphere, shop now at!

Those who like those brightly colored summer fruits will love Summer Fruit lip balm, which comes in a strawberry red sphere and has the taste of strawberry, peach and blueberry. Soothing the lips was never so delicious! For more stories click

Soothing your lips is tasty as can be with EOS, so try these amazing lip balms soon!